Centre of Urban History, Culture and Media (CUHCM)

The Centre investigates how cultural diversity is beneficial for creativity and innovation for future cosmopolitan cities and to enhance the concerns of how minorities of different types are marginalized, stigmatized and even rejected in the current socio-political environment.

  • To investigate the causes of marginalization of specific groups, and how these groups could be made to feel more accepted; 

  • To investigate the tension between the integration and diversity of society and culture inherent in complex industrial society; 

  • To study public and community art scenes in urban development, the administrative and supporting system in the governmental structure that conducts planning and administration for public and community art development; 

  • To understand the meanings of public and community artworks from the cultural and historical perspectives.

Our Objectives



CHEUNG Chin-hung Sidney 張展鴻

Associate Directors:
CHEN Ju-chen 陳如珍
TAM Siu Mi Maria 譚少薇


1. Managing Urban Diversity Programme

2. Social Resilience and Cultural Policy Programme

Research Assistants:

Chan Hoi Yan Connie 陳凱欣

Tin Wing Yee Mia 田穎儀













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