Centre of Urban Sustainability

Mission Statement

We seek way to improve the urban living quality now and for our next generations.


  • To better understand the environmental dynamics of city living.
  • To better assess risk and impact of the urban environment on healthy living
  • To better guide actions and policies.

Main Projects

  • Expert assessment and desktop studies;
  • Develop the framework for the “city scale urban (environmental) Sustainability assessment method”;
  • Develop the content of the “city scale urban (environmental) Sustainability assessment method”;
  • Application, case studies and comparative studies.

Work in Progress


Centre Director: Prof. Edward NG

Members: Prof. David CHEN, Prof. Emily CHAN, Prof. Derrick LAI, Prof. Gabriel LAU, Prof. LEUNG Yee, Prof. John NG, Prof. REN Chao, Prof. Shelly TSE, Prof. XU Yuan, Prof. Steve YIM