Director's Message

Prof. LEUNG Yee

The mission of the Institute of Future Cities (IOFC) is to advocate and advance interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research and education on cities within the University, with a focus on the search of pathways for sustainable urban futures. It intends to become a research hub at CUHK, bridging urban researchers within the University to international organizations working on cutting-edge urban development research and national research units focusing on urban issues in the evolving socialist market economy, with the aim to disseminate research findings locally and in mainland China and beyond. It is an Institute that triangulates research, teaching and learning, and knowledge transfer.


Colleagues collaborate through a number of Centres and programme to advance research frontiers in the field. The mission of the Centre of Land Resource and Housing Policy is to realize visions of sustainable future cities through interdisciplinary research on land resource and housing policy for our stratified societies. The Centre of Community and Place Governance endeavours to engage the community through trans-disciplinary research and advocacy activities to realize visions of building, sharing and governing sustainable communities and places. The Centre of Urban History, Culture and Media aims to investigate how cultural diversity is beneficial for creativity and innovation for future cosmopolitan cities and to enhance the concerns of how minorities of different types are marginalized, stigmatized and even rejected in the current socio-political environment. The Centre of Urban Sustainability seeks way to improve the urban living quality now and for our next generations, particularly under complex urban dynamics and climate change. The Urban Informatics Programme targets the realization of sustainable future cities through interdisciplinary research and applications of state-of-the-art software and knowledge information technology, and urban and social informatics and big data decision analytics. These inter-related Centers form the base on which our research and development develop and evolve.


The Research Centres provide a lot of research opportunities for students interested in the urban realm. Collaboration among colleagues in different research areas also opens up opportunities to develop new courses for general education and various academic programmes. With various disciplines working together, we are optimistic that we can find sustainable pathways for our urban future.


Leung Yee


Institute of Future Cities

The Chinese University of Hong Kong