Centre of Community and Place Governance (CCPG)

The Centre endeavors to engage the community through trans-disciplinary research and advocacy activities to realize visions of building, sharing and governing sustainable communities and places. 



  • To undertake spatial and temporal comparative social, economic, psychological and geographical studies, as well as arts and planning related advocacy activities to understand the needs, aspirations and visions of members in different types of families in communities

  • To identify through trans-disciplinary research both strengths and weaknesses of existing modes of place governance at different geographical scales within and beyond Hong Kong;

  • To employ creative engagement tools to facilitate communities to generate sustainable pathways towards the realization of visions of future cities

  • To provide community and place governance perspectives to the works of other Centre in IOFC


Prof. NG Mee Kam

Prof. MAK Winnie W. S.
Prof. TIEBEN Hendrik
Prof. TONG Yuying
Prof. WU Kaming
Prof. ZHOU Hui-quan Mary

Dr. ES. Murat
Dr. LEE Wai Ying Joanna
Dr. MO Kar Him

Research Associate:
Dr. TANG Yuanzhou Jonah

Research Assistant:
Mr. CHENG Chun Hei Alex
Miss LEUNG Wing Yan Charis

Miss LEUNG Lok Ching Jenny
Mr. YEUNG Tsz Chun Arthur





A  multi-dimensional  “point-line-plane”  approach  for  industrial  heritage  conservation  in  Hong  Kong:  A  case  study  of  Ma  On  Shan  (MOS)  Iron  Mine, Built Heritage Conservation Fund, 2018/07-2020/07. Prinicipal Investigator: Prof. NG Mee Kam

Sustainable communities lab for people’s multifaceted well-being, Knowledge Transfer Fund, 2020/04-2021/03. Principal Investigator: Prof. NG Mee Kam

Healthy and Sustainable Tsuen Wan, 2020/10-2021/1. Principal Investigator: Prof. NG Mee Kam