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Strategies for Low-carbon Transport Systems

Low-Carbon Transport Cover Page

Strategies for Low-carbon Transport Systems: Best Practices in HongKong and Around the World



The Chinese University of Hong Kong Convocation commissioned the Institute of Future Cities to undertake a research project through literature reviews, data collection, analysis, questionnaires and surveys to determine the impacts and benefits of implementing low-carbon transport strategies across a range of transport measures. Low-carbon transport strategies improve and encourage all transportation modes and methods through reducing traffic congestion, improve air quality and travelling facilities by encouraging public transportation and decreasing barriers to low-carbon transportation.




The mission for this research is to initiate a strategic framework to encourage and promote low-carbon transport for both short and long term in Hong Kong. Policies and strategies that strive for a greener transport system in Hong Kong that will be both sustainable and long-lasting benefitting the health of all citizens. By researching low-carbon transport strategies adopted in Hong Kong and worldwide we will be one step closer to putting forward an integrated systematic policy that will benefit the current and future generations of Hong Kong.


The project consists of long-term research including the questionnaire which will answer many questions related to the public’s acceptance and knowledge on low-carbon transport for the future of Hong Kong. Based on the research findings and literature reviews, we formulated a set of questions to examine and ask the general public and professionals to understand the attitudes and willingness of behavioural changes to achieving "low-carbon transport" in Hong Kong. The research team have finalised the survey and analysed the interview findings, which were used in the final report with initiation of a strategic framework to encourage and promote low-carbon transport in Hong Kong. We held a press conference on July 16th, 2016 at the end of the project. Below are the final reports and some selected news coverage:


Final report (English);

Final report (Chinese);

CUHK Press Release (English);

CUHK Press Release (Chinese);

CUHK “Sustainable Campus” e-newsletter (July 2016);

Oriental Daily (東方日報): 研究:電子道路收費 市民欠共識;

RTHK Radio interview: Government urged to promote low-carbon transportation


Investigators: Prof. HE Ying Sylvia, Prof. LEUNG Yee, Ms. Vanessa WONG