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Centre of Urban History, Culture and Media

Fig7Latest Publications in 2015


  • Cheung, Sidney C.H.. 2015. Making Hong Kong's Coastal Wetland a Resource for Tourism Development: A Cross-cultural and Multi-disciplinary Project to Understand Historical Background and Coastal Heritage. SPC Traditional Marine Resource Management and Knowledge Information Bulletin, issue 35, pp. 26-31.

    This article discusses cultural history of the wetland in Hong Kong's northwest coast and argues for the importance of fishery heritage in wetland conservation. Using the example of Inner Deep Bay in the northwest New Territory, the article illustrates the tension between agriculture, fishery heritage management, and environmental conservation. The full article can be accessed via this link.

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Centre of Land Resource and Housing Policy

Neighbourhood preference 2015 survey

 1. Neighbourhood Satisfaction and Preference in Hong Kong

  • to study households' satisfaction with their neighbourhoods;
  • to study households' preferences for mixed neighbourhoods;
  • to identify the relationship between neighbourhoods satisfaction and mixed neighbourhoods.

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Centre of Community and Place Governance

CCPG Infographics Combined-1

1. Voiceless groups in Hong Kong: 11 voiceless groups are identified from data of Hong Kong Population Census 2001 and 2011, General Household Survey, and Social Welfare Department in early 2000s and early 2010s. CCPG will further analyze the spatial distribution of the voiceless groups within the research period.


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Centre of Urban Sustainability

Figure 1(a) satellite derivedWe investigated the usage of high-resolution satellite data to conduct urban climate studies. The main objectives of this research is to: 1) Develop cutting-edge satellite technology and generate freely available high-quality urban morphology information from high-resolution satellite data; 2) Provide urban climatic maps for developing countries without actual urban morphology information; 3) Using high-resolution satellite images to assess urban wind ventilation and urban thermal environment; 4) Provide data-based early warning of high-risk urban areas with adverse urban climate issues.

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Urban Informatics Programme

poster APDSS

Air-Pollution Decision Support System



Air pollution has become a life-threatening hazard that exerts a serious impact on the sustainable development of our cities. It has been exacerbating the already deteriorating living environment in most cities, particularly those in developing countries. Closer to home is the grave plight of air pollution in Chinese cities, including Hong Kong, the solution of which problem has become an imminent and significant air-quality policy challenge for national, provincial and municipal governance. An efficient and effective solution to the problem relies on our understanding of the air pollution process and the availability of historical, near real-time and real-time information about the spatial and temporal variability of air pollution.

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