Data Platform of Urban Environmental Quality for Sustainable and Resilient Cities

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Climate change causes a wide range of environmental impacts which affects the living quality of humans. In urban areas, vast urbanization exacerbates such impacts and leads to increasing vulnerability. To adequately and accurately assess the impacts of climate change on cities, urban environmental quality is of utmost importance since it affects urban liveability and the well-being of urban inhabitants. A holistic assessment of urban environmental quality is therefore required to understand the impact of changing climate and urbanization on urban liveability.

This project aims to develop a data platform which incorporates urban morphological, meteorological, socio-economic and demographic data. Technical inputs will also be incorporated into the data platform for the assessment of urban environmental quality. The resultant platform can be applied at different spatial scales to suit the need of urban planning practices.

Principal Investigator(s):

Prof Edward NG, Dr Kevin Ka-Lun LAU

Project members:

Dr Yuan SHI, Mr Hongning LAN, Miss Yu Ting KWOK, Prof Chao REN

Figures Caption

The Study Scope and Field measurements of dynamic thermal comfort in Hong Kong and Genova, Italy.



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