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Research Profiles


Prof. Zhou Yu

B.Eng.; M.Sc.; Ph.D.

Honorary Research Fellow

Yu Zhou received the B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees from Nanjing University, Xiangtan University, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China, in computational mathematics, applied mathematics, and geography and resource management, respectively. He is currently a Honorary Research Fellow of the Institute of Future Cities at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China.  working on multifractal approach to multiscale feature extraction in remotely sensed images, and post-doctoral guest scientist at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany on nonlinear time series analysis. He has been trying to introduce multidisciplinary concepts and ideas into geography for teaching and research. Most of his research in theory originates from real life problems in geographical studies. After the new theories or methods developed for solving the theoretical problems, he applies them to study the empirical data for demonstration of their validation.

Tel: 3943-5376 Email:

Research interests/fields

His research interests include applied mathematics, such as nonlinear dynamics, especially fractals, and time series analysis, and geography, like spatial analysis, quantitative methods and geocomputation.


Selected Grants

Analysis of air pollutant concentration based on a multiscale analysis framework for non-Gaussian and non-stationary processes, Direct Grant for Research 2018-19 (Principle Investigator)


Selected Publications

  1. Shan Jiang, Bao-Gen Li, Zu-Guo Yu, Fang Wang, Vo Anh, and Yu Zhou, Multifractal temporally weighted detrended cross-correlation analysis of multivariate time series, Chaos, 30 (2020) 023134.

  2. Dong-Ling Yu, Wen-Jin Li and Yu Zhou, Analysis of trends in air temperature at Chinese stations considering the long-range correlation effect, Physica A, 533 (2019) 122034.

  3. Yee Leung, Yu Zhou, Ka-Yu Lam, Tung Fung, Kwan-Yau Cheung, Taehong Kim and Hanmin Jung, Integration of air pollution data collected by mobile sensors and ground-based stations to derive a spatiotemporal air pollution profile of a city, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 33 (2019), 2218.

  4. Yu Zhou, Yee Leung and Lung Sang Chan, Oscillatory tendency of interevent direction in earthquake sequences, Physica A, 478 (2017) 120.

  5. Yu Zhou, Qiang Zhang and Vijay P. Singh, An adaptive multi-level correlation analysis: A new algorithm and case study, Hydrological Sciences Journal, 61 (2016) 2718.

  6. Marc Höll, Holger Kantz and Yu Zhou, Detrended fluctuation analysis and the difference between external drifts and intrinsic diffusionlike nonstationarity, Physical Review E, 94 (2016) 042201.

  7. Yu Zhou, Aleksei Chechkin, Igor M. Sokolov and Holger Kantz, A model of return intervals between earthquake events, Europhysics Letters, 114 (2016) 60003.

  8. Yu Zhou, Ming Luo and Yee Leung, On the detection of precipitation dependence on temperature, Geophysical Research Letters, 43 (2016) 4555.

  9. Yu Zhou, Tung Fung and Yee Leung, Improved triangular prism methods for fractal analysis of remotely sensed images, Computers & Geosciences, 90 (2016) 64.

  10. Ming Luo, Holger Kantz, Ngar-Cheung Lau, Wenwen Huang and Yu Zhou, Questionable dynamical evidence for causality between galactic cosmic rays and interannual variation in global temperature, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112 (2015) E4638.

  11. Bao-Gen Li, Zu-Guo Yu and Yu Zhou, Fractal and multifractal properties of a family of fractal networks, Journal of Statistical Mechanics, (2014) P02020.

  12. Qiang Zhang, Yu Zhou and Vijay Singh, Detrending methods for fluctuation analysis in hydrology: Amendments and comparisons of methodologies, Hydrological Processes, 28 (2014) 753.

  13. Yu Zhou, Yee Leung and Zu-Guo Yu, Relationships of exponents in two dimensional multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis, Physical Review E, 87 (2013) 012921.

  14. Yu Zhou, Yee Leung and Jian-Min Ma, Empirical study of the scaling behavior of amplitude-frequency distribution of Hilbert-Huang transform and its application in sunspot time series analysis, Physica A, 392 (2013) 1336.

  15. Yu Zhou, Qiang Zhang, Kun Li and Xiaohong Chen, Hydrological effects of water reservoirs on hydrological processes in the East River (China) basin: Complexity evaluations based on the multi-scale entropy analysis, Hydrological Processes, 26 (2012) 3253.

  16. Qiang Zhang, Yu Zhou and Vijay Singh, Scaling and clustering effects of extreme precipitation distributions, Journal of Hydrology, 454-455 (2012) 187.

  17. Yu Zhou, Yee Leung and Zu-Guo Yu, Relationships of exponents in multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis and conventional multifractal analysis, Chinese Physics B, 20 (2011) 090507

  18. Qiang Zhang, Yu Zhou, Vijay P. Singh and Yongqin David Chen, Comparison of detrending methods for fluctuation analysis in hydrology, Journal of Hydrology, 400 (2011) 121.

  19. Yu Zhou and Yee Leung, Empirical mode decomposition and long-range correlation analysis of sunspot time series, Journal of Statistical Mechanics, (2010) P12006.

  20. Yu Zhou and Yee Leung, Multifractal temporally weighted detrended fluctuation analysis and its application in the analysis of scaling behavior in temperature series, Journal of Statistical Mechanics, (2010) P06021.

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