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More than half of the global population on earth is currently living in urban areas of diverse qualities. The process of urbanization is accelerating, particularly in the rapidly growing Asian cities. Closer at home, the growth of Hong Kong and many Chinese cities in the last few decades has been phenomenal. Accompanying the dramatic urban growth and industrialization are formidable challenges at all fronts: environmental pollution and degradation, threats of climate change, natural resource depletion, mobility and accessibility needs, social and economic polarization, place governance, housing affordability, public health service provision, population growth and ageing, employment, etc. These complex urban issues confront all urbanites challenging our ingenuity in the pursuit of a more sustainable development pathway that respects natural, social and economic capital. Nothing short of a novel interdisciplinary or an innovative transdisciplinary approach can answer the urban challenges of the 21st century.


As a comprehensive University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong has taken up the challenge. The University has many dedicated scholars conducting pioneering local, national and international research projects on the urban realm, generating ground-breaking knowledge that helps us understand the past, interpret the present and envision the future. CUHK is committed to deepen interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary urban research and will continue to share the research findings with the wider international community, with a view to co-producing a more sustainable urban future that is environmentally sustainable, socially just and economically vibrant.


Joseph J Y Sung

Vice-Chancellor and President

The Chinese University of Hong Kong