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Centre of Land Resource and Housing Policy (CLRHP)

The mission of the Centre is to realize visions for sustainable future cities through interdisciplinary research on land resource and housing policy.


  • To study the relationship between land resource, housing policy and sustainable development of our future cities

  • To investigate the effects of future demographic, socio-economic and global trends on future housing policy and the uses of land resources

  • To investigate the impacts of current housing policy and land resource on future demographic, socio-economic and environmental changes

  • To understand future housing and community needs as well as land resource constraints


Main Projects

  • Housing Choice

    1. To study the effects of ageing population trend on housing choice;

    2. To study the housing pathways of the youth;

    3. To study the household's preference of community mix and connectivity.

  • Housing Price

    1. To study the effects of community mix on housing price;

    2. To study the effects of community connectivity on housing price;

    3. To study the policy effects on housing price.

Recent Projects

  • MUGTWR Modelling of Spatiotemporal characteristics of housing prices in Beijing (Read More)

  • Regional and Longitudinal Disparity of Housing Bubbles in US Markets: Evidence from GSADF Tests (Read More)

  • Transitional distribution dynamics of housing affordability in Australia, Canada and USA (Read More)

  • Homeownership Financialization & Real Estate Market Online Symposium (10 June, 2021) (Watch on Youtube)

  • CRIOCM2022 - The 27th International Symposium on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate (5-6 December, 2022) (Read More)

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