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Research Hub

The following centres were established to serve as the base of inter-disciplinary research and outreach activities for exploring pathways to build sustainable future cities:


1. Centre of Urban History, Culture and Media (CUHCM)

2. Centre of Land Resource and Housing Policy (CLRHP)

3. Centre of Community and Place Governance (CCPG)

4. Centre of Urban Sustainability (CoUS)

5. Urban Informatics Programme (UIP)

Research Hub

Teaching & Learning

The establishment of the research centres provide a lot of research opportunities for students interested in the urban realm. The research findings will enrich existing courses taught by colleagues in different faculties and schools. Further collaboration among colleagues in different research areas will open up opportunities to develop new courses for general education and various academic programmes.

Teaching & Learning

Knowledge Transfer

Through solid research, the Institute will generously share information gathered, lessons learned and insight obtained with local communities in Hong Kong as well as mainland China. Research activities and findings can be promulgated through website, periodic research bulletin, seminars, workshops and public lectures etc.

Knowledge Transfer



  1. Inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research on socioeconomic and environmental sustainability of future cities.

  2. Integration of urban science, critical theories, sustainability practices and information and communication technology for the understanding, assessment, evaluation, and creative design, planning and management of smart and resilient cities in face of climate change, ecological degradation and socio-economic polarization.

  3. Smart and sustainable city development and planning, in particular in the Greater Bay Area.

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