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城市思想家校園7.0「我們此刻需要的城市」: 共想香港智能和可持續的未來

‘The City We Need Now’: Envisioning a smart and sustainable future for Hong Kong

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​時間 Time:

10:00 – 17:00 HKT

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語言 Languages:


Guest Sharing – Cantonese with English simultaneous translation;


Discussion session – Available in both Cantonese or English


10:00 – 12:30 | 嘉賓分享 Guest Sharing

12:30 – 14:00 | 午飯 Lunch Break

14:00 – 15:30 | 小組討論:我們的城市此刻需要甚麼?

Group discussion: What do we need now?

15:30 – 17:00 | 研討:制定香港智能和可持續的未來的策略 Discussion for Actions: Building consensus on a smart and sustainable Hong Kong

香港中文大學城市研究課程和創建香港將於2022年6月18日舉行【城市思想家校園7.0】,以「我們此刻需要的城市」為主題,邀請來自學術界、社區和業界的年青人分享觀點。適逢香港政府公佈北部都會區發展計劃和《香港2030+》 最終建議,我們希望就着香港未來智能和可持續發展的前路討論並達成共識,以滿足市民和下一代的需求和福祉。活動將以聯合可持續發展目標框架和新城市議程的原則貫穿,內容圍繞「我們此刻需要的城市」主題的四個行動領域,包括 (1) 健康和幸福感、(3) 氣候適應和韌性、(8) 城市規劃和設計、和 (9) 房屋、社福和出行。


請追蹤本活動的 FacebookInstagram 專頁,獲取最新資訊。如有任何查詢,請電郵至或致電 39439446(楊先生)。

The Urban Thinkers Campus 7.0, co-organised by Urban Studies Programme, CUHK and Designing Hong Kong, will be held on 18 June 2022. We are inviting young stakeholders from the academia, community, and industries to share their views on the topic “The City We Need Now”. In response to the Hong Kong government’s announcement on the Northern Metropolis Development Strategy and the final report of “Hong Kong 2030+”, we aim to discuss and come up with ideas to identify key pathways towards ensuring a smart and sustainable Hong Kong, fulfilling people’s needs and aspirations and nurturing the well-being of future generations.

By adopting the framework of SDGs and principles of the New Urban Agenda, the discussions of the Campus will centre around four key action areas of “The City We Need Now”: (1) Health and well-being, (3) Climate adaptation and resilience, (8) Urban planning and design, and (9) Housing, services and mobility.

For more information about the “The City We Need Now!” manifesto prepared by the UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign, please visit the official website and read the manifesto document.

Please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for our latest updates. For any enquiries, please contact Mr Arthur Yeung at or 39439446.

講者 Speakers:

陳盈博士 Dr Chan Ying, Crystal 香港中文大學賽馬會公共衛生及基層醫療學院博士後研究員 公共衞生研究社召集人 Postdoctoral Fellow, Jockey Club School of Public Heal & Primary Care, CUHK Convenor, Public Health Research Collaborative

何俊傑先生 Mr Ho Chun Kit, Charles 社聯項目總監 (社會房屋) Project Director (Social Housing), The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

鍾芯豫小姐 Ms Chung Sum Yue, Natalie V’air低碳本地遊聯合創辦人 Co-founder, V’air Hong Kong

胡朗志先生 Mr Wu Long Chi, Keith 香港規劃師學會青年規劃師組前聯席主席 Former Co-chairperson, Young Planners Group, The Hong Kong Institute of Planners

與談者 Discussants:

施倍德博士 Dr Peter Cookson Smith 雅邦規劃設計有限公司創辦人 Founder and Director, Urbis Limited

伍美琴教授 Prof Mee Kam Ng 香港中文大學城市研究課程主任 Director, Urban Studies Programme, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

田恒德教授 Prof Hendrik Tieben 香港中文大學建築學院主任 Director, School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

司馬文先生 Mr Paul Zimmerman 創建香港行政總裁 CEO, Designing Hong Kong

主辦單位 Lead Organizers:

香港中文大學城市研究課程 Urban Studies Programme, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

創建香港 Designing Hong Kong

協辦單位 Supporting Organizers:

香港中文大學地理與資源管理學系 Department of Geography and Resource Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

香港中文大學建築學院 School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Institute of Future Cities, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

合作單位 Partners:

香港建築師學會 The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (To be confirmed)


The Hong Kong Institute of Planners

V’air 低碳本地遊 V’air Hong Kong

社區客廳 Community Living Room

資訊包 Data Toolkit:

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