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“#FaceMatters” screening and post screening discussion

In the post screening discussion, Prof. Tam and Prof. Chu interacted with the audience in an enthusiastic discussion 譚教授和朱教授與觀眾於映後座談會熱烈的討論中,分享對紀錄片的反思 Photo credit: Gender Studies Programme, CUHK 照片來源:香港中文大學性別研究課程

Organized by the Centre of Urban History, Culture and Media, and co-organized by Gender Research Centre and Gender Studies Program, the screening of “#FaceMatters” and post screening discussion was held on 27 February 2019. The screening was attended by a full house of teachers, staff, and students from various disciplines.

由都市歷史、文化與傳媒研究中心主辦,性別研究中心及性別研究課程合辦的 《你的樣子如何》“ #Face Matters” 紀錄片放映會及映後座談已在2019年2月27日順利舉行。放映會當日座無虛席,有來自不同學系的教職員和同學參與。

“#Face Matters” is directed by Donna Chu, Centre fellow and Associate Professor of the School of Journalism and Communication. The documentary discusses the definitions of beauty in society and how it molds social identity and people's choices. Prof. Chu’s team collected views towards beauty from more than 200 students in six secondary schools in summer 2018. The team invited actor Sofiee Ng to present interviews with psychologists, anthropologists, movie stars, and beauty experts, to explore the meanings of beauty in relation to body image, self-affirmation, and in aspects of media and art.


A post screening discussion was hosted by Centre Director Prof. Maria Tam, when Prof. Chu interacted with the audience in an enthusiastic discussion. of Hong Kong.




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