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Tasting food/Tasting Cultures: Intercultural Hong Kong on the Plate

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

On 1-4 April 2019, Multiculturalism in Action Project (MIA), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, co-organized with the Department of Asian and International Studies, City University of Hong Kong, an intercultural program “Tasting food/Tasting Cultures: Intercultural Hong Kong on the Plate”. It was also a book launch for the MIA publication “The ICONIC Mums Kitchen: Tastes of Intercultural Hong Kong”.

Held at the City University of Hong Kong, the opening ceremony was officiated by Head of Asian International Studies Department Professor Thomson, as well as Professor Chan Yuk Wah, and CUHCM Director Professor Siumi Maria Tam. The four-day program consisted of an Exhibition on cultural diversity in Hong Kong, as well as a cooking demonstration and tasting event on April 1, which proved to be extremely popular among students, staff and the public alike.

The exhibition was set for 4 days, with students of both universities and participants from the ICONIC Mums program helping out. They thought the interaction with the public was particularly valuable. Through booth games and discussing content of the exhibition, they found it a good opportunity to inform the public about multiculturalism in Hong Kong.

Cooking demonstration 

Prof Tam (second right) presenting the MIA flag to Prof Thomson at the opening ceremony

Iconic Mums and student participants hosting a booth during the exhibition

MIA co-organized an exhibition on cultural diversity in Hong Kong

Visitors enjoying a food culture game at the MIA booth 



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