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Story of the Month - October 2021

Rai Yam Kumari︰查卡迪坐墊和達克籃子,再生·樂, #衆樂樂:跨文化手工/藝網上展覽(來源︰多元文化行動計劃) Rai Yam Kumari: Chakati sitting mats and dhak baskets, Happiness in Renewing, #HappyTogether: An Intercultural Arts/Crafts Online Exhibition (Source: Multiculturalism in Action Project)

城市歷史、文化與傳媒研究中心的「多元文化行動計劃」(MIA) ,於2020年下半年,因應新冠疫情為公眾策劃了一系列的網上跨文化手工/藝工作坊。參加者來自亞、澳、歐、非和美洲多個地方,年齡最大75歲,最小2歲。不論族群和文化背景,大家通過手工/藝的教與學,分享了各地文化習俗的異同,還認識了世界各地的新朋友。




In the second half of 2020, like many of us in Hong Kong, Multiculturalism in Action Project (MIA) of the Centre for Urban History, Culture and Media, was feeling a bit stuck and restless under the pandemic. So we decided to organize a series of online intercultural handicraft/art workshops for the public. We were overwhelmed that participants came from Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, with ages ranging from 2 to 75. Regardless of ethnic and cultural background, we came together in the teaching and learning of arts/crafts, and enjoyed meeting new friends from around the world.

Then, after months of preparation, the “#HappyTogether: An Intercultural Arts/Crafts Online Exhibition” was opened in May 2021. The exhibition features the works of MIA tutors and participants, all of which demonstrate the joy we shared through arts and crafts. There are 4 “exhibition halls”: Happiness in Diversity, Happiness in Meditation, Happiness in Renewing; and concluding with Happiness in Future Building in which the young ones show us their natural appreciation of cultural diversity and point towards a future of equality and happiness.

Associate Director of CUHCM, Prof. Siumi Maria Tam, was the curator of the exhibition. She points out that every culture has its own history and tradition, and through arts/crafts we can understand the worldview and aesthetics of different ethnic groups in the world.

With school suspension and working from home being the new normal, parent-child relationships and individual mental health require diversified support. Participants of the workshops found that intercultural handicraft/art online activities have had a positive influence on the physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of their life. Prof. Tam is happy to see that workshop participants found the experience useful and hopes that the online exhibition will further bring this rewarding intercultural experience to the public. She recommends viewing the exhibition on a computer to get a better experience. Visitors may start with clicking "About the Exhibition" on the home page to read the introduction to the exhibition. Then, to enter the exhibition halls, return to the home page and click the section you would like to visit. Once inside, click an author to see their works, then click on the photo of each work to read its caption.

Visit the exhibition with your friends and family and share the joy of multiculturalism! Start your visit to the exhibition here:


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