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Story of the Month - September 2021

廣播節目《就係跨文化!》(圖︰多元文化行動計劃) Radio program "That's Intercultural!" (Photo: Multiculturalism in Action Project)

「多元文化行動計劃」策劃及製作共13 集香港電台「社區參與廣播服務」全新節目《就係跨文化!》。節目旨在提高公衆對香港多元文化的認識,並通過跨文化交流和跨文化關係的協同效應,破除有關少數族裔的迷思和刻板印象。2021年7月10日至10月2日,週六晚上10至11點,節目在AM621頻道廣播。在一小時的輕鬆訪談和歌曲中,一起了解香港的族群節日、音樂和在港經驗如何共同創造香港文化。廣播重溫︰請按此

Multiculturalism in Action Project designed and produced the new radio program “That's Intercultural!”, a 13-episode RTHK Community Involvement Broadcasting Service program. This program aims at raising awareness of cultural diversity in Hong Kong and debunking myths and stereotypes about ethnic minorities through intercultural exchange and synergy of cross-cultural relationships. From July 10 to October 2, 2021, every Saturday10-11 pm, the program is broadcast on AM621. In one hour of friendly chat and songs, learn about how ethnic festivals, music, experience in Hong Kong contribute to co-producing Hong Kong culture. Click here to review the program.


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