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Centre of Urban History, Culture and Media (CUHCM)

The Centre investigates how cultural diversity is beneficial for creativity and innovation for future cosmopolitan cities and to enhance the concerns of how minorities of different types are marginalized, stigmatized and even rejected in the current socio-political environment.

  • To investigate the causes of marginalization of specific groups, and how these groups could be made to feel more accepted

  • To investigate the tension between the integration and diversity of society and how culture is inherent in a complex industrial society

  • To identify the institutional and cultural reservoirs that foster social resilience and trust

Our Objectives


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CHEUNG Chin-hung Sidney 張展鴻

Associate Director:
TAM Siu Mi Maria 譚少薇


1. Managing Urban Diversity Programme

2. Cultural Heritage and Countryside Conservation


Recent Projects

A Study of Herbal Tea (Monograph Series on ICH of Hong Kong: " Hong Kong ICH in the Natural and Cultural Settings of Lingnan") (2021-23)
Encounter South Lantau! (2020-21) 

Social Resilience and Oyster Farming in the Global Context
Multiculturalism in Action Project:
Indian Culture Workshop (2013-14)
Nepali Culture Workshop: The Nepalis in Hong Kong: Social Marginalization, Discrimination, and Empowerment (2014-15)
Pakistani Culture Workshop: Making a Change for the Better (2015-16)
Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan Culture Workshop (2016-17)
ICONIC Mums Program
FUN with Interculturalism













張展鴻 (2020) 回味無窮:海味乾貨的時空之旅。《文咸街里:東西南北利四方》。鄭宏泰、周文港合編。香港:中華書局。頁32-49。

Cheung, Sidney (2020) Asian Food Tourism in the International Context. In WGI Global Report 2020 – A Gastronomic Planet. World: World Gastronomy Institute, pp. 83-84.

Cheung, Sidney (2020) <Covid-19パンデミック下の香港における旅行の代替としての食 (Eating as a Substitute for Travel under the Covid-19 pandemic in Hong Kong)>國際學術研討會,京都立命館大學,日本,2020年12月11日。

Tam, Siumi Maria, Wai-Man Tang, and Alan Tse. 2019. Who Needs Intercultural Education? Making Cultural Diversity Work for Hong Kong. Asia Pacific Journal of Contemporary Education and Communication Technology Vol.5 Issue 2:47-57.

"Multicultural Hong Kong in Celebration" series in Hong Kong Discovery


Cheung, Sidney C.H.. 2015. Making Hong Kong's Coastal Wetland a Resource for Tourism Development: A Cross-cultural and Multi-disciplinary Project to Understand Historical Background and Coastal Heritage. SPC Traditional Marine Resource Management and Knowledge Information Bulletin, issue 35, pp. 26-31.

Recent Activities

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