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Updated: Apr 16, 2021


"Intercultural   Hong Kong Classroom: Cultural Arts & Crafts" Cover


Traditional handicrafts symbolize human creativity, cultural identity, as well as emotional attachment between generations and among individuals. Every culture has its traditional handicrafts passed down for generations. Multiculturalism in Action Project (MIA) believes that handicraft is a great way for people of different cultural backgrounds to gain a firsthand experience in each other’s culture, and publishes "Intercultural Hong Kong Classroom: Cultural Arts & Crafts".


"Intercultural Hong Kong Classroom: Cultural Arts & Crafts" is edited by Prof. Siumi Maria Tam and Ms. Connie Wing Tung Lee. Prof. Siumi Maria Tam's research interests focus on cultural identity in social transformation, especially in gender and ethnic relations, transnational mobility and family migration, and change in food culture. Her recent project “Multiculturalism in Action” combines academic research and social advocacy, examines structural issues in the mineralization of South Asian communities in Hong Kong, and the mutual empowerment of Chinese and South Asian women as social capital. She believes that gender equality and intercultural education in everyday life are essential for a healthy, sustainable, and safe social environment. Ms. Wing Tung Lee receives her bachelor of arts degree in Anthropology, and a master of arts degree in Intercultural Studies, at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She joined the Multicultural in Action Project in 2015, and has extensive experience working with different ethnic groups. She developed a strong interest in South Asian cultures during her undergraduate years and in 2014 conducted community service in India and Nepal. 


This book is a joint effort of 20 contributors of different ethnic backgrounds such as Venezuela, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Italy, India, China, and Hawaii. This book is also divided into 4 parts: Heritage and Me, Well Wishes, Cultural Identity, and Creative Spirit.  Each contributor shares a handicraft and the story behind it and show how craft is a vessel of heritage and identity, as well as of adaptation and creativity.


MIA aims at enhancing intercultural knowledge and positive ethnic relations in Hong Kong, and promoting different cultures to the public. Our contributors are also interested in promoting cultures and willing and active in participating in cultural exchange activities. For example, Ms. Omaira del Carmen, who shared piñata with us, has made countless piñatas to brighten up parties since she made a piñata to celebrate children's birthday 10 years ago, and shared Latin culture with everyone!


We thank our contributors and friends who generously gave of their time and talent, the SIE Fund for sponsoring this publication as part of the Multiculturalism in Action Project, and the Anthropology Department, and Centre for Urban History, Culture and Media of the Institute of Future Cities, of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, for their support.

多元文化活動計劃希望透過此書,讀者能夠更深入地了解和欣賞香港不同文化,從而享受豐富的文化生活和愉悅感。同時提高人們跨文化敏感度,使個人和社會在認知、社交和情感層面受益。多元文化活動計劃將會舉辦和書本相關的跨文化工作坊,歡迎與學校和非政府組織等合作,一起倡導大學與社區之間的合作及正向族群關係。有興趣人士歡迎聯絡 hoiyanchan@cuhk.edu.hk陳小姐。

MIA hopes that readers will enjoy an enriched cultural life and a sense of happiness by having a more in-depth understanding and appreciation of different cultures in Hong Kong. We also believe that building intercultural sensibility will benefit individuals and society on cognitive, social, and affective levels. MIA will organize intercultural workshops related to this book, and welcome cooperation with schools and non-governmental organizations, to initiate cooperation between universities and communities, and enhance positive ethnic relations. Please contact with Ms. Chan via hoiyanchan@cuhk.edu.hk if interested.



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