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Story of the Month - August 2017

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The mainstream society often assumes that sex workers are forced into their job. Sex workers are expected to quit prostitution as soon as possible, and few bothered to understand their personal dreams and goals.


Centre member Prof. Raees Baig conducted a research on the economic condition of sex workers to understand why they work in the sex industry. Prof. Baig found that many sex workers have their own life goals, such as saving up enough for their family and to buy a flat, just like many Hongkongers. In collaboration with the JJJ Association, a self-help NGO formed by sex workers, they assessed the effectiveness of financial literacy training for sex workers. Through courses like this, sex workers were able to organize themselves and seek help from one another when there is a problem.


Prejudice from police is a major problem that sex workers face, Prof. Baig said. Because of negative stereotypes against sex workers, the police often treat their cases with low priority. The legal restriction that permits only one sex worker per flat also makes crimes like robbery and murder less visible. Prof. Baig argues that more training to the police is needed to encourage sex workers to seek help from law enforcement in case of crime.


Caption: Financial literacy training for sex workers. Photo by JJJ Association.

圖:為性工作者而設的理財課程。 圖片由姐姐仔會提供。


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