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Story of the Month - February 2018

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Have you ever considered emigrating from Hong Kong?


A significant percentage of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people in Hong Kong said they have, according to an online survey conducted by Prof. Suen Yiu Tung, centre member and sociologist at the Gender Studies Programme. The survey found that as much as 39 percent of LGB people had considered leaving “because of the lack of legal protection against discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation”.

根據本中心成員、在性別研究課程任教的社會學家孫耀東教授的一項網上調查,相當一部分香港的同性戀和雙性戀者(LGB)表示曾有此考慮。該調查發現,高達百分之三十九的 LGB人士曾以香港缺乏反性取向歧視的法律保障為由而考慮離開。

Even though Hong Kong claims to be “Asia’s World City” in its official slogan, it still has no legislation to protect sexual minorities from discrimination. Same-sex marriage is still not recognized by law. Prof. Suen, who has conducted multiple research projects on sexuality issues, argues that the lack of legal protection and recognition for sexual minorities is detrimental in attracting and retaining talent. Nearly half of the LGB people surveyed in the aforementioned study have an undergraduate degree, and 23 percent hold a master’s degree or above.


Through rigorous academic research on sexuality issues, Prof. Suen hopes to provide fact-based understanding to dispel prejudices against LGB people and other sexual minorities, as well as to push for legal and policy changes that make our diverse society more tolerant. 


LGBTI activists march for their rights in Hong Kong, during the Hong Kong Pride Parade on 26th November 2016


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