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Story of the Month - March 2019

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

In the evening of 21 February 2019, a group of Hong Kong artists congregated at the New Asia Concourse, The Chinese University of Hong Kong to put up a performance about the future of Hong Kong. The artists included the local indie band Black Bird, and the People’s Theatre.


This performance was in fact a reunion for the two groups who had collaborated and performed at the same spot 30 years ago. Lenny Kwok, founder of Black Bird, felt that this reunion was significant, given that their performance three decades ago inspired many young Hong Kongers in that era to think about the impending uncertainty of Hong Kong’s future. 


 The three hour performance started with Talents Displaced, a fusion music band made up mostly of refugees and asylum seekers from Africa. It was followed by a range of items including singing, behavioural art and storytelling by veteran artists Lenny Kwok with his wife June Zhu, poet and narrator Yuen Che-Hung (more fondly known as Uncle Hung), and Mok Chiu Yu of the Asian People’s Theatre Festival Society. There was a post-performance dialogue. The performance touched on issues of politics, the environment, youth and their hopes. It was a thought-provoking event, at times poignant, at times shocking, with an aim to promote freedom of expression and freedom of thought.



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